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Lennox Pulse Parts
Ignition Control Kit 60J00, 60J00 -- IGNITION CONTROL KIT Replaces 73K76, Y4749, 73K8601,77C3801, 77C38, 34K83, 34K8301, 86H30, 86H3001, 73K86, 73K8601, 99C97, 99C9701, 97H02, 97H0201, 96C66, 96C6601, 87F22, 87F2201,Y4749
MSRP: $382.43
YOUR PRICE: $236.85
Lennox Diaphragm Kit 64L80A, 64L80, Can be used in the G14-40, G14-60, G14-80, G21-40, G21-60 and G21-80, series of Pulse furnaces. 64L80A = One Diaphragm
MSRP: $26.50
YOUR PRICE: $14.00
Spark Plug 43G62, Part 43G62 replaced 88G72 replaced 83C64 replaced 39G06 replaced 33F23 replaced LB-50569D replaced 43G6201
MSRP: $100.00
YOUR PRICE: $75.00
Diaphragm Kit 64L81A, LB-98453B, 64L81 Flapper. Diaphragm Kit can be used in many of the G14-100, G21-100, G21V-100 and GSR21-100 series pulse ignition furnaces.
MSRP: $22.50
YOUR PRICE: $16.00
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