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Condenser Fan Motor - Lennox 61W89

Condenser Fan Motor 37L74, 1/4 HP 1075 RPM 208/230V 60 Hz 1 Phase 61W89 Replaces 37L74
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Used On The Following Models:

13GEP24050ALP 1       2      
13GEP30050ALP 1              
13GEP30075ALP 1       2      
13GEP36075ALP         2 3    
13GEP36100AP         2 3    
13HPP24AP         2      
13HPP30AP 1              
13HPP36AP 1              
2AC14B42P   1A            
2AC14B48P   1A            
2AC14L42 1              
2AC14L42P   1A            
2AC14L48 1              
2AC14L48P   1A            
2HP13B36P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13B36T   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13B42P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13B48P   1A 1B          
2HP13B48T   1A 1B          
2HP13B60P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13B60T   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13BC36P   1A   1C        
2HP13L36P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13L36T   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13L42P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13L48P   1A 1B          
2HP13L48T   1A 1B          
2HP13L60P   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13L60T   1A 1B 1C        
2HP13LC36P   1A   1C        
2HP14B42P   1A            
2HP14B48P   1A            
2HP14L-42   1A            
2HP14L42P   1A            
2HP14L-48   1A            
2HP14L48P   1A            
4AC13B18P             3A 4A
4AC13B60P   1A            
4AC13L60P   1A            
4HP13B36P   1A            
4HP13B42P   1A            
4HP13B48P   1A            
4HP13B60P   1A            
4HP13L36P   1A            
4HP13L42P   1A            
4HP13L48P   1A            
4HP13L60P   1A            
RCE13A24P 1              
RCE13A30P 1              
RCE13A36P 1       2       

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