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Ignition Control Kit - Lennox 60J00 NO LONGER AVAILABLE USE BASO BGN891-1C

Ignition Control Kit 60J00, 60J00 -- IGNITION CONTROL KIT Replaces 73K76, Y4749, 73K8601,77C3801, 77C38, 34K83, 34K8301, 86H30, 86H3001, 73K86, 73K8601, 99C97, 99C9701, 97H02, 97H0201, 96C66, 96C6601, 87F22, 87F2201,Y4749
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The 60J00 ignition control is used on the Lennox Pulse furnace. Replaces 41F46, 41F4601, 72H68, 72H6801, 73K86, 73K8601, 86H30, 86H3001, 41F4601, 41F46, 99C97, 99C9701, 97H02, 97H0201, 52J18, 52J1801, 87F22, 87F2201, 52J8101, 34K83, 34K8301, 96C66, 96C6601, GC3, GC-3. Also replaces the 77C3801 when used on the Pulse furnace.  NO LONGER AVAILABE. REPLACEMENT TO BE ANNOUNCED.


When replacing the old style GEI or Watsco ignition control with the Johnson control we now provide, the dealer will see that the old control had two inline plugs connected to it. One with 2 wires and the other with 4 wires. These plugs are connected to the furnace by a 6 wire harness that is about 12 inches long. The other end of the harness is connected to a 6 pin molex plug. All an installer needs to do is unplug the adapter harness, that was plugged into the old control, from the main wiring harness and discard the adapter harness, The 6-pin molex plug that is remaining, as part of the furnace main wiring harness, will now plug directly into the new Johnson ignition control. In some cases it may be necessary to release some wires from their strain reliefs to allow the molex plug to reach the new ignition control.
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