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Condenser Fan Motor - York,Coleman,Luxaire 024-36232-000

Condenser Fan Motor 024-36232-000 F48AG58A50 1/15 HP, 850 RPM 1 Spd CW 208/230-1 60HZ Ball Bearing 5/370 Capacitor (NOT INCLUDED) S89-490 Replaces 024-26029-000
Midwest HVAC Parts. Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration Tips from the Tech

Used on the following Models; ACO18X1321, AC024X1321, AC024X1322, AC030X1222, AC030X1222A, AC030X1222G, AC030X1222H, AC030X1222HA, AC030X1222HG, AC030X1321, AC036X1322, AC2A024F1, AC2A024F1A, AC2A030F1, AC2A030F1A, AC3A018F1, AC3A024F1, AC3B018F1, AC3B018F1A, AC3B024F1, AC3B024F1A, AC3B030F1, AC3B030F1A, AC5B024F1, AC5B024F1A, AC5B024F1C, AL2A024F1, AL2A024F1A, AL2A030F1, AL2A030F1A, AL3A018F1, AL3A024F1, AL3B018F1, AL3B018F1A, AL3B024F1, AL3B024F1A, AL3B030F1, AL3B030F1A, AL5B024F1, AL5B024F1A, AL5B024F1C, CCBD018FS1, CCBD024FS1, CHJD18S21S1, CMA02411, CMA02411A, CMA03011, CMA03011A, CMB01811, CMB02411, CPBD018FS1, CPBD018FS1, CPBD024FS1, CZB01811, CZB01811A, CZB02411, CZB02411A, CZB03011, CZB03011A, CZE02411,CZE02411A, CZE02411C, CZE02411HW, CZE02411MX, DRCQ0301BE, DRCQ0301BEG, DRCS0301BE, DRCS0301BEG, E1RD018S06, E1ZD018S06, E1ZD024S06, E2RE018S06, EABD-F018S, EBBE-F018S, ERCQ0181BA, ERCQ0181BAG, E2RCQ0241BA, ERCQ0241BAG, ERCQ0241BB, ERCQ0241BBA, ERCQ0301BA, ERCQ0301BAG, ERCQ0361BB, ERCQ0361BBA, ERCS0181BA, ERCS0181BAG, ERCS0241BA, ERCS0241BAG, ERCS0241BB, ERCS0241BBB, ERCS0301BA, ERCS0301BAG, ERCS0361BB, ERHS0181BA, FRCS0181BA, FRCS0241BD, FRCS0241BF, FRCS0241BH, FRHS0181BE, GHGD18S21S1, H1RD018S06, H1RD018S06A, H1RD018S06G, H1RD024S06, H1RD024S06A, H1RD024S06G, H1RD030S06, H1RD030S06A, H1RD030S06G, H1RE018S06, H1RE024S06, H1RE024S06A, H1RE024S06D, H1RE024S06G, H1ZD018S06, H1ZD024S06, H2RC030S06, H2RC030S06A, H2RC030S06G, H2RC030S06H, H2RC030S06HA, H2RC030S06HG, H2RD024S06, H3RE024S06, H4RE024S06, HABD-F018S, HABD-F024S, HABDF024SA, HABD-F030S, HABD-F030SA, HABD-F030SG, HABE-F018S, HABE-F024S, HABE-F024SA, HABE-F024SD, HABE-F024SE, HABE-F024SG, HBBC-F030S, HBBC-F030SA, HBBD-F024S, HBBD-F036S, HC2A024F1A, HC2A024F1A, HC3A018F1, HC3A024F1, HC2A024F1A, HC3A018F1, HC3A024F1, HC3B018F1, HC3B018F1, HC3B018F1A, HC3B024F1, HC3B024F1A, HC5B024F1, HC5B024F1A, HCBE-F024S, HDBE-F024S, HL2A024F1, HL2A024F1A, HL3A018F1, HL3A024F1, HL3B018F1, HL3B018F1A, HL3B024F1, HL5B024F1, HL5B024F1A, HP018X1321, LCBD018FS1, LCBD024FS1, LHJD18S21S1, LPBD018FS1, LPBD024FS1, THGD18S21S1, XYAA13181A, XYAA13241A, XYAR13181A, XYAR13241A, XYAR13301A, XYAR15241A, XYAS13182A, XYAS13241A, XYAS13242A, XYAS13302A, XYAS13361A, XYAS14241A, XYAS14241AA, XYAS14241B, XYHA13181A, XYHA13241A, XYHR13181A, XYHR13241A, XYHR15241A, XYHS13181A, YHJD18S21S1, YMA02411, YMA02411A, YMB01811, YMB02411, YZB01811, YZB01811A, YZB02411, YZB02411A, YZE02411, YZE02411A, YZE02411HW, YZE02411MX

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