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Ignition Control - Lennox 49W66

Ignition Control 49W66 102186-01 Replaces 41K49, 41K4901, 48J66, 48J6601, 44L59, 44L5901,56J22,31L53,LB-86110A, 98G2901 Johnstone L41-007
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 The 96W66 ignition control replaces the 49W66

ignition control on GCS16/GCS20 units with the

Helical heat exchanger and the 13H25,13h26 or13h27

electrode/sensor assy.

The 49W66 ignition control is still used on the

GCS16/GCS20 units w/ tubular heat exchangers, GCS16

units that have been updated with the tubular htx,

L Series & other commercial units. Product Zone was

updated in 11/2012 to show the proper repl. controls.

The 96W66 ignition control is designed specifically

the helical heat exchanger and is a more robust

design on the helical heat exchanger units.

Spark and flame sensing is provided through the

ignitor and ignition wire. The flame sense wire is

not used for flame sensing. The 96W66 has a "dummy

flame sense terminal" on the control for connection

existing flame sense wire even though it is not used

to sense flame current.

note: only if changing an original 98g29 ignition

control on the early gcs16 & gcs20 series units you

must also order a  new ignition lead. if the unit

has a helical heat exchanger send the 48j68 (41")

lead.The tubular heat exchanger can use the 44l58

(19") lead.if in doubt....send the longer one

*also note that on most GCS16 & GCS20 the old wire

  harness will not fit the 44L59.per service

  department they will have to cut off the

  plug & attach wires individually.




Used in Series... 1 1M 1P 1T 2 2M 2P 2T 3 3P 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
G24-200A 1                                
GCS16-024-50 1     1T 2     2T 3   4            
GCS16-030-75 1       2       3   4            
GCS16-036-90 1 1M     2 2M     3   4 5          
GCS16-048-120 1 1M     2       3   4 5          
GCS16-048-75 1 1M     2       3   4 5          
GCS16-060-120 1 1M     2       3   4            
GCS16-060-75 1 1M     2       3   4            
GCS16-072-160 1                                
GCS16-090-200         2                        
GCS16-180-235 1                                
GCS16-180-375 1                                
GCS16-240-235 1                                
GCS16-240-375 1 

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