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White Rodgers
Ignitor 768A-845 Replaces 768A-5 2 terminal AMP receptacle, .084 female sockets OEM Replacement for Nitride Ignitors Replaces Trane IGN00145,IGN00104,IGN00117,X13130524010
MSRP: $82.95
YOUR PRICE: $71.00
Silicon Carbide Ignitor 767A-357 6" Lead Length Receptacle with .093" Male Pins
MSRP: $44.50
YOUR PRICE: $36.00
Limit Switch 3L05-3 Adj 210 to 250°F 40°F SPST Thermo Disc 74T11 310712
MSRP: $36.50
YOUR PRICE: $26.95
Universal Two-Stage HSI Integrated Control Kit 21M51U-843 Replaces Lennox 18M3401,18M34,46M9901,46M99,83L9301,83L93,50M61-120 Goodman 20300001,20300003 Coleman,Luxaire,York 50M51-242 Amana 50M61-495,50M61-289 American Standard/Trane 50M61-495,CNT03077,X13650839010 White Rodgers 50M61-843, PCBBF125S, PCBBF120S.
MSRP: $365.85
YOUR PRICE: $275.00
Two-stage HSI Integrated Furnace Control Kit White Rodgers 21V51U-843 Replaces: All White-Rodgers 50V51-XXX’s and 50V61-XXX’s Two-Stage HSI Systems with 80V or 120V Ignitor.
MSRP: $385.50
YOUR PRICE: $342.00
Gas Valve 36H64-463 Replaces 36E54-214,36C76-458,ICP 1070690 Johnstone L41-799 24V 3/4' X 3/4" Two-Stage Gas Valve, With Reducer Bushings (Two 3/4" to 1/2"), 1.4" Male Spade Quick Connect Terminals, Nat. Gas (Includes LP Conversion Kit), For use on non-piloted or intermittent pilot applications (not standing pilot)
MSRP: $196.85
YOUR PRICE: $175.00
Silicon Nitride Integrated Ignition Control 50A62-820 ***THIS PART HAS BEEN REPLACED BY 21D83M-843*** Replaces Lennox 63K8901, 24L8501, 56L8301 ,97L4801 Johnstone L39-564
MSRP: $235.95
YOUR PRICE: $215.00
Gas Valve 36C03-400 36C03-400 Standing Pilot 24VAC Natural 3/4 x 3/4 Fast Open Regulator Setting 3.5” REG. ADJ Range 2.5”-5.0” Johnstone L39-554
MSRP: $135.50
YOUR PRICE: $127.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-357 5.25" Lead Length Receptacle with .093" Male Pins Replaces 767A-303
MSRP: $42.75
YOUR PRICE: $36.50
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 5.25" Lead Length Receptacle with .093" Male Pins Replaces F767A-361,41-405
MSRP: $62.50
YOUR PRICE: $45.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-365 5.688" Lead Length 1/4" Female Spade Terminals Replaces 99911563,767A-310
MSRP: $42.50
YOUR PRICE: $36.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-366 5.313" Lead Length AMP 1-480699-0 Electrical Conn. Receptacle with .093" Male Pins Replaces 767A-311,767A-364,99911564
MSRP: $42.50
YOUR PRICE: $36.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-369 5.5" Lead Length Molex Internally Keyed Connector with .093" Male Pins Mars 67914 Replaces Amana D9918202A
MSRP: $49.50
YOUR PRICE: $44.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-370 5.25" Lead Length Receptacle with .093" Male Pins
MSRP: $51.50
YOUR PRICE: $42.00
Hot Surface Ignitor (Silicon Carbide) 767A-371 19.125" Lead Length Stripped Ends
MSRP: $41.50
YOUR PRICE: $34.00
Refrigeration Temperature Control 1609-101 Diff.: 3.5°F to 40°F Adj.; Mfg. #: 1609-101; Sensing Element: 5'; Switch Action: Close-on-Rise; Temp. Range: -30°F to +90°F Johnstone B10-821
MSRP: $79.50
YOUR PRICE: $65.00
Gas Valve VAL08898 UNIVERSAL, 36C84-945 3/4" X 3/4", 24V, NAT. GAS(INCLUDES LP CONVERSION KIT) Replaces VAL05781,VAL02504,VAL01921,VAL02522
MSRP: $473.61
YOUR PRICE: $406.00
Gas Valve 36J24-214 White Rodgers Repalces 025-30251-700,36E97-204 Johnstone L44-644 BtuH Capacity: 100,000; Description: LP kit included; Inlet Conn.: 1/2"; Mfg. #: 36J24-214; Opening Style: Slow; Outlet Conn.: 1/2"; Side Tap: Yes; Volts: 24
MSRP: $165.85
YOUR PRICE: $105.00
Flame Sensor Assy 760-56 Electrode with Universal Mounting Bracket 24" Lead Length 1/4" Female Spade Terminal Right Angle Boot Supplied
MSRP: $80.95
YOUR PRICE: $68.50
Control Module 50T35-743 OEM Replacement for Goodman; B1809906, B1809908, B1809910, B1809913, B1809913S; UTEC; 1012-933D; Texas Instruments; 41F-5; White-Rodgers; 50T35-730, CNT04664 Johnstone L45-392
MSRP: $158.95
YOUR PRICE: $135.00
Control Module 50A55-743 Replaces: 0130F00005, 0130F00005S, B1809926, B1809926S, PCBBF110, PCBBF110S, PCBBF112, PCBBF112S, PCBBF123, PCBBF123S, 50A55-289, 50A55-743, 50T55-289 Johnstone L46-464
MSRP: $95.50
YOUR PRICE: $75.00
Pilot Ignition Control 50D50-843 Kit Includes Program Keys Double-Sided Foam Back Tape (for ease of installation) Extensive Cross-Reference Guide Color-Coded Timing Label Pre-Printed Hanging Carton Instructions in English/Instrucciones en Español Johnstone L40-504
MSRP: $198.50
YOUR PRICE: $180.00
Mercury Flame Sensor 3049-115 48" 2 - 1/4" Spade Terminals, One Pin Terminal Replaces Trane SWT00605
MSRP: $275.00
YOUR PRICE: $205.00
Ignition Integrated Furnace Control 21D83M-843 Replaces Lennox 83M00 Kit includes: 1 – 50A66-843 Ignition Control Board 1 – Wiring harness (9-pin to 12-pin) 1 – Wiring harness (4-pin to 6-pin) 1 – Mounting panel 4 – Stand-off fasteners 1 – Circuit breaker 1 – 4" blue wire 2 – Wiring diagrams
MSRP: $385.24
YOUR PRICE: $215.00
MSRP: $28.50
YOUR PRICE: $21.00
Thermostat 1C26-101 •1 Heat,1 Cool •24 Volts •Snap-Action •System Switch - Heat, Off, Cool •Fan Switch-Auto, Continuous •Profile-Vertical Rounded •Range 50-90°F •MERCURY FREE
MSRP: $41.00
YOUR PRICE: $32.00
Sure Switch Relay 49P11-843 •5x contactor life •Sealed to keep out ants and debris •Microprocessor-controlled sealed compressor switching •Coil Voltage: 24 VAC •Contact Rating: 240 VAC, 40 Amp
MSRP: $88.95
YOUR PRICE: $75.50
White Rodgers 24A34-14 Replaces 15SH341 309671 5 Swithches On Timings 1-160 Sec. Off Timings 1-160 Sec. Switching Contacts F1, F2 Instead Of M1, M2 4 Timings. Johnstone # L37-101
MSRP: $73.00
YOUR PRICE: $67.00
MSRP: $37.95
YOUR PRICE: $28.00
Outdoor Remote Sensor F145-1378
MSRP: $67.95
YOUR PRICE: $48.95
•4 switches •On timings: 1-110 sec. •Off timings: 1-110 sec. Switches: 4; Timings: 2; 208/240 V , 25A Johnstone # L36-480
MSRP: $73.00
YOUR PRICE: $51.00
Integrated Fan Control 50A65-5165 Replaces CNT03076,D341213P01, CNT05164, D341396P01,CNT03798, D341396P04,CNT05165, D341396P03,D341396P05, 50A65-474,5064-475 50A65-476
MSRP: $198.32
YOUR PRICE: $145.95
Integrated Fan Control 50M56U-751 Virtually All Carrier Single Stage HSI Controls with 120V Ignitors Replaces Carrier HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007,HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009,HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013,HK42FZ016, HK42FZ034,325878-751, ICM282A
MSRP: $188.95
YOUR PRICE: $165.00
Transformer 90-T40F3 120/208/240V Primary, 24V Secondary, Foot Mount
MSRP: $38.95
YOUR PRICE: $26.50
Gas Valve 60-103901-01 36J23-502 Hot Surface/Direct Spark Honeywell VR8205T5801 Replaces 60-100394-03, 60-22447-07, 60-22866-01, 60-25077-02, 60-100394-01, 60-100394-02
MSRP: $192.35
YOUR PRICE: $178.00
Snap Disc Limit Control 3L03-190 L190-20F 611014 T-O-D 60T13
MSRP: $46.50
YOUR PRICE: $32.00