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Mini Ignitor - Goodman 20165703S

Mini Ignitor 20165703S, L40-530 Ignitor used on most units built since 1992 except GSU series.
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If you are replacing an old original ignitor, order mini ignitor assembly 0230K00001 which contains the ignitor plus new plugs and mounting brackets.
Ignitors are used on the following units: GMS80453ANA, GMS80453AXA, GMS80703ANA, GMS80704BNA, GMS80704BXA, GNA, GHS80905CNA, GMV80703BXA, GMV80905CXA, GMV81155CXA, GCS90453BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GCS91155DXA, GMV90704CXA, GMV90904CXA, GMV91155DXA, GCV90704CXA, GCV90905DXA80453ANA, GHS80704, GMS90453BXA, GMS90703BXAM GMS90904CXA, GMS91155DXA, GCS90453BXA, GCS90703BXA, GCS90904CXA, GCS91155DXA & GMV91155DXA.

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